About the Blog

Hi, and welcome to my blog’s about page!

Whisperer of Words is a blog that I created to document my journey as a creative writer as I pursue my dream of becoming an author. I know that I have much to learn, but I hope that any and all fellow writers who may be struggling will find inspiration through my own journey.

But that’s not all!

The blog is essentially two parts, my own personal journey and a section just for you, the reader. My journey will be milestones on manuscripts and challenges that I partake in as I grow. Your part, named For Your Own Journey, is full of tips and lessons and hints that may help you on your own creative journey of being a writer.

I offer advice, encouragement, and general discussion to any and all who seek it.

For your convenience, you can also follow Whisperer of Words through its Facebook page! All posts will automatically be linked, and I will also use this to give updates that are too minor to be posted about (such as the Recommended Readings pages being updated).

Also, feel free to email me any questions or comments you may have. I won’t spam your email, I promise.

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