Update V

Hey, guys!

Remember when I said that I would have time to blog? Well, I actually made a website! It started from a lifestyle blog I had just started up, and I knew that I had something that I was 100% committed to. So, I invested into making it it’s own entity. Alternatively, it’s also become my personal website.

If you’re interested, it is Lindi’s Lookbook, and it can be found here. It is a work in progress, but I am more than willing to tackle it! So, I’ll be posting there much more often than here. (Now that I’m no longer in writing classes and am unable to write as constantly as I would like, I don’t feel that I could give you guys very much quality content for now.)

I hope you check out Lindi’s Lookbook! Feel free to subscribe, but you’re not obligated to, by any means. I just figured some of you would be interested in my endeavors.

As always,

Love Lindi

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