Update III

Hello, everybody!

First of all, I would like to apologize for not being able to post for a long time. My senior year of college swallowed up my life, chewed it up, and then spat it back out. Though, as tedious as it was and how painstakingly long it took, here are the updates on my life for the past few months:

  • I GRADUATED COLLEGE WITH MY DEGREE IN ENGLISH WRITING!!!! Not only did I manage to survive my final year at Oklahoma Christian University, but I managed to snag a 3.64 GPA, which put me graduating as Magna Cum Laude! So, I hope you’ll forgive my absence, but take this information knowing that my time away was being put to good use.
  • I HAVE 8 MONTHS UNTIL MY WEDDING! After having been engaged since December 2010, it feels so nice to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. So, even though I graduated and have plenty of free time (until I get a job, but even then I’ll still have evenings), I will be working on planning the wedding of my dreams.

But don’t worry; I’ll try my hardest to keep up with the blog! However, that being said, I need to go through and make some renovations. I have a few series’ that I started but never finished–these will be removed from the blog until I can continue them properly and not in the haphazard fashion that I had been adding to them. I’ve removed the CCNF series from my site because it needs some serious work, but once I work out the kinks, I’ll repost it as a new series (even the name needs work).

I also want to make the blog more interactive with you guys! So, I’ll be putting up a new page called Freebies located under the “For Your Own Journey” tab that will have links to all content that is free for you guys to download that I’ve posted to the blog. This is in part because I realized that even though I gave you guys a free copy of my character bio sheet, you have to dig for the link by sorting through older posts. So, I’ll put it in the page for you guys. To make it even more interactive, I’ll probably end each post with either some questions that you all can answer in the comments, or I’ll stick up a poll and start up a conversation in the comments.

Also, I’ve been thinking about hosting some writing contests and such.

Tell me what you think! Do these changes sound good to you? Do you have any suggestions that I can consider about changing the blog or adding to it? How have you spent the past few months?

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