I’m Back on Track!

I know, I know. But I said that I was thinking about stopping all work on my manuscript, yadda yadda.

After feeling sorry for myself that I had messed up my manuscript, I began talking to my friend, V, who gave me the push I needed to fix the holes and continue. He’s the comic writer I told you guys about way back in my One Small Step for Words post. And guess what?

He has a writing blog, too! Check out Musings of a Socially Accepted Maniac for cool ideas on how to build a working, interesting story.  V has an interesting concept when it comes to story writing that you can apply to all forms of media. He compared building a story to building a living creature, skeleton and all! I really recommend that you check him out!

So, after reading his blog and talking to him face to face, I’m rebuilding my manuscript. But I’m not doing it alone! He’s a remarkable creative advisor who isn’t afraid to talk about the nitty-gritty parts of the story–you know, all the parts that don’t seem to fit, but you’re so proud of them, you wont take them out. The character that doesn’t make any sense. The setting that wouldn’t really exist. You get the point. However, instead of just writing comments on the margin of the page for you to consider, V will ask questions that will help you figure out what’s wrong, and through more questions, he’ll help you find answers and fixes and changes.

You should really check his blog out!

So, I’m getting back on track, I’m fixing my manuscript, and I’m putting forth new, energized effort.

Thanks for reading!


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