Why You Need to Have (or Make) Your Own Work Space

I know first hand what the lack of your own personal work space can do.

Since the apartment that I’m living in this year is so small, the college didn’t provide desks for the rooms. For three weeks, I milled around campus trying to hunker down and work–on my manuscript, on my homework, just to study–you name it. For the first while, everything always went well…and then people would come in and crash through the delicate bubble I had created for myself with their talking and laughing and arguing; you get the gist.

I felt like I was going insane! I yearned for a place in which I could just lay out all of my stuff and work. The kitchen table was (is) always covered in random stuff, the coffe table in the living room was (is) buried underneath my suit mate’s homework and such. I wandered around like a lost puppy with my work in my arms and a heart-wrenching look on my face just trying to find a place that I could work in peace in.

Finally, on the verge of tears, my fiance called out of the blue one day (not that he never calls, but this was during his work hours). I expressed my soul-devouring need for my own personal working space, and he had the best advice ever: “Move around the furniture and go buy yourself a desk.” So, for several hours, I changed what little space I have to call a room into a valuable area that I will fight tooth and nail to keep.

From this:

To this:

Now with my new and incredibly valuable space, I have a place that I can work without being bothered. I have my iHome on the bookshelf so I can play music in the back ground. I have two walls that I can use as giant cork-boards to pin up maps and pictures related to whatever I’m working on.

I got my peace of mind back after three weeks of feeling out of place. That meant that I could now work more efficiently–and I have been! Behold!

I hope that you all have your own space and don’t wind up feeling like lost puppies like it did. It was stressful and counter-productive. The importance of having your own space is great enough that it effects your mental and sometimes physical abilities.

Thanks for reading!

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