Halfway There!

Ok, so I may have cheated a bit.

Since I’ve done the first half of the 90 Day Challenge before, I merely reread the days and skimmed over most of the assignments (not all! I redid a few). I don’t recommend this for any who have not taken the challenge before. You really should devote at least 2 hours to writing every day in order to hone in on your writing prowess.

That being said, I’ve reached the half way mark (okay, the 1/3 mark)–I have my outline!

I chose to do the note card method for outlining, and I wound up with 44 cards, er, scenes. Needless to say, after working on this for the past 24 hours, I am as proud as a bald eagle!


Here and there, I may have to add a card or two as I start fleshing it out, but for now, I am content.

I feel a little guilty after I told you all that I would be posting about something for every day’s worth of the 90 Days, but I figured that would infringe on the copyright of the book. So, I did my work (albeit unorthodoxly) and now I can show you all the fruits of my labor.

Every time I log onto my computer, I think about finding newer writing material to share with you guys, but I always get distracted (darn you, Facebook and Pinterest!) BUT! I’m on a role right now, and as soon as this post it finished, I’ll fire up my awesome StumbleUpon–my writing assignment and idea searcher-outer–and get right on it and load up my reference page with all sorts of things. At least, I’ll try to.

I’ll send out a post whenever I’ve added stuff so you know when there’s anything new.

Thanks for reading!

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