Harness Your Inspiration

One of your best assets of being a writer is your attention to detail, or if it’s not your attention, it’s your ability to imagine it. It’s your tendency to ask questions and to create that brings you story ideas and character quirks. You may suddenly have a plethora of inspiration when you’re at the movies, when you’re listening to music, or when you’re just enjoying nature. The tricky part, though, is remembering all of that inspiration after you leave the creative environment that you’re in.

Here are some ideas to harness your ideas as quickly as possible:

Make a Seed Book

What’s that? It’s a notebook that you cram all of your inspiration in. Everything from a sudden scene that you’ve envisioned to a sensory detail that you may have experienced yourself. Jot it all down in your Seed Book. I, personally, color code everything that I jot down with stickie notes and highlighters for character ideas, setting ideas, story ideas, etc. Don’t favor the idea of carrying a journal-like book with you? See the next bullet.

Make a Seed Note

This is basically a Seed Book that you can keep electronically. Most of you own a cellular device that has some sort of note-book function on it that allows you to save several notes on it. All you have to do is make your different idea notes and jot down the corresponding ideas on the go. This is especially handy for when you are in a crowded space or don’t have enough time to dig out your pen/pencil. Still doesn’t work for you?

Keep an Audio/Visual Record of Your Thoughts

Keep a recording device with you for when inspiration hits you. Instead of fiddling with a pen or trying to find the correct note on your phone, just record whatever flows through your mind. If you see the perfect old, rundown building for an upcoming scene description, just whip out your camera (be it on your phone or by other means) and snap a shot. Video your surroundings. You see two little boys pretending to be monsters that reminds you of what your own characters would do? Take a short video. The possibilities are endless. Still not happening?

Try All The Above (Mostly)

I have a Seed Book, and I take pictures/video of my inspiration. You could do the same, or shake it up a bit. You could even find your own way! It doesn’t really matter how you do it–just do it!

You are suddenly bombarded with ingenious inspiration–how are you going to harness it?

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